About Raquel Rotnes

Raquel Rotnes was born in Brazil, lived in Israel and moved to the USA in 1999. Raquel started her Feng Shui studies in Boulder CO in 2001. She practice the Black Sect Feng Shui developed by Professor Lin Yun which was regarded as the founding father of Feng Shui in the West. In 2020 Raquel moved to Santa Barbara  where she has been sharing CranioSacral Therapy with babies, children and adults.
Raquel has a diverse background: Actress, Hebrew Teacher, Art Therapist, Body Work, Soul Collage Facilitator, Vision Board Workshops, Mother.
She brings her talents to your home and work space to support manifestation of positive changes in your life!

Feng Shui changed my life!
I would like the opportunity to meet you and support the changes in your life.

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