"Two days after implementing Raquel's recommendations a business deal that had been hanging in the balance for many months finally came to fruition and a new one materialize also! It was amazing! Our very serious and very scary financial problems of 5 months were over; it had been so severe we actually borrowed her money to come take a look! Raquel not only unblocked our career spot, but also our prosperity and other spots too. We are ever grateful and will highly recommend Raquel's services." L. B.

" When my husband and I decided to build our next home, I was fortunate to find Raquel. I wanted my home built with plans designed with Feng Shui. I had 10 year old triplets and wanted harmony in our home. Raquel was able to work with our contractor and made significant changes in our floor plan. Once the house was completed she was very instrumental in helping choosing wall colors. She also assisted in purchasing furniture and arrangement. My husband and I are extremely grateful for the excellent work she did aligning our home with Feng Shui principles. Every time we have anyone visiting or doing home improvements we are told how peaceful and comfy our home feels. Even people walking past our home comment on the feeling of calm. I would highly recommend anyone that want to have harmony in their home to contact Raquel. She is the best!"  R.H.

"Raquel opened my eyes to ways that I could create a more peaceful environment for my toddler’s nursery as well as the older kids’ bedrooms. I like that she offered realistic, cost effective advice keeping in mind that we would be moving within a year or two. Making suggested changes such as bed position, covering a huge mirror in the nursery (formerly a home gym) and reducing clutter helped their rooms feel more peaceful. I noticed that my toddler and oldest son have had an easier time falling asleep! Her ability to connect with the children involving them in the process was really sweet. I look forward to her advice when we are ready to list our house for sale, and for our new home that we plan to build!" R. A.

"Raquel spent 2 1/2 hours walking through and around my home making suggestions of what to move or remove to improve my financial situation and general flow in my life. Within hours of her leaving I got the changes made and I instantly felt better.
I recommend you have her come to your home or office to get the flow going." D.R.

"Raquel came to my house to do a Feng Shui consultation. I know a little about it, enough to understand that her approach is not the usual one. She had asked me to identify a specific goal ahead of time, and used that intention to focus our session. All of what she suggested I do rang true, and it initiated a major purge over the next week! Clutter - gone! I was truly inspired and energized to not only give things away, but to do a major reorganization of my closets and surfaces. The things I needed to add I found easily, and almost immediately there was movement towards my goal. Now, a few months later, I am definitely achieving my intention! I highly recommend Raquel! "R.A"

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